David Preston Jessop-The Ex-Husband of Robyn Brown

David Preston Jessop

David Preston Jessop’s fame entirely revolves around the name of his wife Robyn Brown, the reality TV star. They got married in June 1999 and divorced in 2007, after which David disappeared from the limelight and still lives in obscurity. 

Jessop requested a divorce from the well-known reality TV personality in 2007 after seven and a half years of marriage and three children. Robyn married her current husband, Kody Brown, around seven years after the divorce was legally completed. David, on the other hand, can’t be claimed to have avoided the limelight, save from the period when he made headlines after being detained for assault.

David Preston Jessop’s Profile Summary

Name David Preston Jessop
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age 43 years
Date of Birth August 26, 1979
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Religion Mormon
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo

How Old is David Jessop?

David Preston Jessop

David Preston Jessop and her ex-wife Robyn Brown

David Preston Jessop, who is now 43 years old, was born on August 26, 1979. He is one of nine male siblings, all of whom are younger than him. As his father had several marriages, he also had a number of additional half-siblings.

David Preston Jessop’s father

Louis is David’s father, while Mary is his mother. When they were married, Mary was related to his father Louis by marriage. Due to their Church’s acceptance of polygamy, which connected many of them via blood relationships or marital connections, this fairly complicated familial connection was something that was extremely frequent in their group.

David, who is of American descent, most likely spent his childhood in Montana. He has established a career in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, and nothing more is known about him personally. David Jessop values his privacy and leads a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Was Robyn Brown’s first husband David Preston Jessop?

David Preston Jessop

David Preston Jessop and her ex-wife, Robyn Brown

In reality, Robyn Sullivan’s first spouse was David Preston Jessop. The reality television celebrity who is now a member of Sister Wives was born on October 9, 1978. She was born into a polygamous household and was born in Leah, Utah.

She was still a student when David and Robyn first met, however, it wasn’t clear what degree of study she was enrolled in at the time. Yet, according on what we learned, David must have contacted her at some time since in 1999, when she was around 20 years old, she became pregnant.

In the same year, Robyn Brown and David Jessop were married, however, she claims it was more out of necessity due to the pregnancy than genuine desire. In the year 2000, on January 16, they welcomed their first child. Robyn chose to end their marriage, however, after more than seven years of wedlock, citing domestic violence.

Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Robyn Brown (m. 1999–2007)
Father Louis Jessop
Mother Mary Jessop
Siblings Update Soon
Children Dayton

Aurora Alice

Breanna Rose

Accusations of Domestic Abuse Led to their Divorce

The TV personality claims that after learning she was pregnant, she was first heartbroken but eventually made the decision to go on and try to salvage the relationship. She invested the years that followed her life in that project, and although their marriage never got off to a good start, things only became worse with time.

Robyn Brown alleges her marriage was difficult and that David was violent to both her and their children. After that, the couple split up and divorced one and a half years later.

On the other side, David Preston Jessop made no mention of their disagreement. In fact, he seemed determined to avoid the news and any media attention. He refused all requests for interviews, and despite multiple opportunities to provide his perspective, he never did.

The last thing David Preston would ever want is for his children’s life to be broadcast on television and seen by the general public, according to a source close to him.

David Preston Jessop’s Family Tree and Children 

David Preston Jessop

Robyn Brown and her ex-husband, Kody Brown

The former couple had three children while they were still married. The first child they had together, David Preston Jessop Jr., now known as Dayton Brown, is their son. His birthday is January 16, 2000. Aurora Alice, their first daughter and second child, was born on June 4, 2002. Breanna Rose, their third child, and second daughter were born on October 7, 2005.

Kody Brown, the family patriarch, and Robyn’s new husband have now adopted all three kids. The Brown family claimed that David had been absent from his children’s lives for a considerable amount of time and had hardly ever spent any time with them. During the time of the adoption, Kody’s previous wife Meri Brown disclosed in a tweet that the children had not seen their biological father in about two years.

The children seem to have accepted the change as well since they have already adopted the surname “Brown” legally. Three of her children were included in the adoption process along with their mother since Robyn had previously said that their father had abused them during their time together.

How did David Jessop fare?

David Preston Jessop last made headlines in 2018 when he was detained on charges of injuring a family member via violence. On January 12, something occurred. Four days later, on January 16, 2018, he was freed.

David entered a not-guilty plea to the allegation, and in August of the same year, it was reduced to disorderly conduct. Afterward, he was told to pay penalties.

Relationship between Robyn Brown’s Ex-Husband and Husband

Kody Brown and David Jessop are truly related. They even resemble one another, it seems. Third cousins Kody Brown and David Jessop. This implies that Kody is biologically linked to his three adoptive children.

Meri and Christine Brown, two of Kody’s spouses, are also connected to David. By one of his stepmothers, he is linked to Meri and Christine as first cousins.

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