James Daniel Sundquist – Son of Late Singer, Jimi Hendrix

James Daniel Sundquist

If we talk about James Daniel Sundquist today then we come to know that he is the son of the late American singer, guitarist, songwriter, and most famous Jimi Hendrix. He is regarded as one of the most famous and influential personalities in the music industry.  The 20th century proved a lucky era for him and he was also seen as one the outstanding instrumentalists ever in the history of rock music.

James Daniel Sundquist is recognized as the son of a popular personality and no other information regarding his life is so much common in social media.  However, there are a lot who want to learn more about the son of Jimi including his early life, age, and family history.

Furthermore, rumors spread that James had also been taking pills to change his gender but there is no valid proof related to it. If you want to know the answer to this question, stay with us till the end to know all about James Daniel Sundquist.

Early Life

On October 5, 1969, James Daniel Sundquist was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the son of Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix. As of 2023, the famous son will be 53 years old and a Libra. Speaking of his race, James is of mixed ancestry; his mother is Swedish and his father is African American. He is the grandson of Lucille Jeter and James Allen Hendrix. On the other side, on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, United States, Johnny Allen Hendrix, who would later become Jimi Hendrix, was born.

Name James Daniel Sundquist
Gender Male
Profession Update Soon
Age 53 years
Date of Birth October 5, 1969
Birth Place Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity Mixed (African American and Swedish)
Zodiac Sign Libra

A Little Information About His Mother

Eva Sundquist most likely was born in Sweden in 1950. Age-wise, she is 72. Eva doesn’t divulge a lot of information about her personal life because she prefers to keep it under wraps. She only came to public attention because she was the ex-girlfriend of the late American singer and musician Jimi Hendrix.

James Has Never Met His Father

James Daniel Sundquist

James Daniel Sundquist’s father, Jimi Hedrix

The famous son was never given the opportunity to meet his father. On September 18, 1970—one year after his son’s birth—James’ father passed away. Together with his ex-girlfriend Monika Dannemann, he was in London. The two enjoyed their day, chatted till seven in the morning, and then went to bed.

At 11, however, Dannemann saw that the signer was still asleep and unresponsive despite breathing. He was transported to St. Mary Abbots Hospital, where he was later declared dead on September 18, 1970, after she called for an ambulance.

Similarly, the post-mortem report reveals that he passed away from asphyxia while under the influence of barbiturates and suffocated in his own vomit. Monika eventually admitted, when questioned about the substance, that Hendrix had taken nine of her authorized sleeping pills—nine times the advised quantity.

Siblings of James Daniel Sundquist

James Tamika Hendrix (Tamika Carpenter), a senior half-sister, is related to Daniel Sundquist. She was conceived on February 11, 1967, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Diana Carpenter and Jimi Hendrix. Despite sharing a sibling relationship, the two have never been close.

Marital Status Married
Spouse Update Soon
Father Jimi Hendrix
Mother Eva Sundquist
Siblings Leon Hendrix

Janie Hendrix

Joseph Hendrix

Pamela Hendrix

Kathy Hendrix

Children Update Soon
Grandparents Lucille Jeter

James Allen Hendrix

Great-Grandparents Bertran Philander Ross Hendrix

Zenora Rose Moore

Clarice Jeter

Preston Murice Jeter

James Daniel Sundquist Career

James is a private person who, as we’ve already mentioned, dislikes discussing his personal and professional matters in public. As there is little to no information available on his career, it is therefore quite unclear what he does for a living.

Despite this, numerous publications assert that the musician’s son continues his father’s legacy. Hendrix Jr. is a Swedish singer, according to them.

James Daniel Sundquist Net Worth

James hasn’t given much information about his occupation, thus his net worth cannot be determined with certainty. But some tabloids claim that he is only worth about $100,000.

On the other hand, Jimi Hendrix, his father, was thought to have had a total net worth of $400,000 at the time of his passing. He became wealthy through his work as a musician.

Profession Update Soon
Net Worth $100K Approx.
Monthly Income None

James Daniel Sundquist Today

James Daniel Sundquist

James Daniel Sundquist

He may still be residing in Stockholm, but little is known about his movements since the news of his gender change broke.

Although it is generally accepted that the 53-year-old is a musician, nothing is known about his professional background. At the time, all that is known is that James, or Nicole, as he prefers to be called, is leading a tranquil existence away from the spotlight.

FAQs Related To James Daniel Sundquist

Q: Who is James Daniel Sundquist? 

 James Daniel Sundquist is the son of the late musician and singer Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist. He is a Stockholm native with a mixed-racial background.

Q: Did James Daniel Sundquist ever meet his father, Jimi Hendrix? 

No, James Daniel Sundquist never had the opportunity to meet his father. Jimi Hendrix tragically passed away a year after James’s birth in 1970.

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