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Michael Gacy

Michael Gacy was born in 1966 and is one of the two children parented by John Wayne Gacy. Michael was only 2 years old when his father was arrested for the first time on the allegations of sexually assaulting a minor. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

Fortunately, he was bailed out after serving 18 months but his wife and children abandoned him due to his heinous crime. After he was abandoned by his family his killing started which shook the world.

Michael Gacey’s father was again arrested in 1978 but this time he was not apprehended in the case of assaulting a minor, instead he was arrested in the case that transferred the wave of horror throughout the whole of America.

He was arrested in the case of slaughtering 33 young children many of whom were buried in the crawlspace of his house. 

FULL NAME Michael Gacy
BORN 1966
FATHER John Wayne Gacy
MOTHER Marlynn Myers (first wife) and Carol Hoff (second wife)
SIBLINGS Christine Gacy (older sister)

Well, John Gacy earned the notorious name of “killer Clown” and “Monster”, his family escaped before he committed those gruesome crimes. Michael Gacey had also escaped with his mother by the time he was convicted. 

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Netflix Documentary, “The John Wayne Gacy Tapes”

The John Wayne Gacy Tape

The John Wayne Gacy Tape

In the Netflix documentary that was made on John Gacy, it was seen that Michael Gacey only lived for a short time with his father. His father was arrested when he was only 2 years old as mentioned above. It is also believed that Michael has never spoken about his father and with his father.

It is often speculated that he might have changed his name to alter his identity because the surname Gacy sounds horrific after its association with his father.

Michael Gacy’s Parents

Michael Gacey was born in 1966 in the city of Waterloo. His parents were French and both matched as colleagues at the Dunn- Bus-shoe company store in Springfield in 1964. It is believed that John Gacy was very charming in his youth and a very jovial fellow.

So, Michael Gacy’s mother Myers accepted his marriage proposal after 6 months of dating.

The couple was living happily but after November 1968 everything changed because John Gacy was charged with sex offenses and his 18th-month stay at Anamosa State, Prison ruined his status Quo and his wife Myers filed for divorce. The custody of both children Christine and Michael Gacy was handed over to Myers.

FULL NAME John Wayne Gacy
BORN March 17, 1942
DIED May 10, 1994
BIRTHPLACE Chicago, Illinois
SPOUSES Marlynn Myers (1964-1969)
Carole Hoff (1972-1976)
CHILDREN Michael and Christine

John Wayne Gacy’s New Life

John Wayne Gacy New Life

John Wayne Gacy’s New Life

After the divorce, Gacy married again and this time, he married Carol Hoff, a divorced woman with whom he married in 1972. It was also the time when he started killing, the marriage yielded no children with the couple but Hoff had already two daughters from her previous marriage.

The marriage ended in the awards in 1976 a few years before Gacy’s Crimes appeared on Television.

In an interview, Hoff stated that he threw furniture at her and broke a lot of furniture” According to the Book, “Boys Enter The House” by David Nelson, Hoff Remarried in the years that followed. 

Aftermath of Michael Gracy’s Murders

After Gacey’s crimes were resurfaced he was sent to prison. His first and second family and most of the surviving relatives have not spoken publicly about their relation to the Clown his first and second family and most of the surviving relatives have not spoken publicly about their relation to the killer clown in years.

The children of John Wayne Gacy have kept a low profile and no accurate information is publicly available on the internet. So, no one knows where is Michael Gacy now?

In a YouTube Video Posted in the Television Show, “Monsters in My Family” his sister Karen Kuzma stated, “I hate it him I hate it him so much that he took a life, many lives” 

Some Interesting Facts about Michael Gacy

  • Michael Gacy is the son of famous killer clown John Wayne Gacy
  • Christine Gacy is the older sister of Michael Gaccy
  • His father had murdered 33 young children
  • His mother Myer Gacy was handed over his custody after his father was arrested on sex offences charges. 
  • Netflix has made a documentary on the killings of his father.


Who is Michael Gacey?

He is famous for being the only son of John Wayne Gacy.

How old is Michael Gacey Now?

Michael Gacey has changed his identity to escape from the public eye so his father’s crimes can not be associated with him.

Does Michael Gacy have a sister?

Yes, Christine and Michael Gacy are siblings and she is his older sister. 

What is the name of Michael Gacy’s mother?

Michael Gacy’s mother’s name is Myers Gacy

What was Michael Gacy’s age when his father was arrested?

Michael Gacy was only 2 years old when his father was arrested on the charges of molestation of a minor girl.

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