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Paula Hurd is a significant name in the content of accomplishments. She is best known because of her successful career in the technology industry and became famous at a young age. Paula Hurd became a businesswoman and a famous philanthropist because of her talents and remarkable skills. Let’s come to know other reasons for Paula Hurd’s success. We will take a look at Paula Hurd relationship with Bill Gates as well. So, let’s start.

Paula Hurd Wikipedia

Paula Hurd Wikipedia

Paula Hurd Wikipedia :

Full Name Paula Hurd
Age (as of 2024) 65 years old (Born on September 14, 1959)
Career Technology industry, Philanthropy
Notable Achievements Successful career, Philanthropic efforts
Relationship Status Dating Bill Gates
Previous Marriage Mark Hurd (CEO of Oracle, deceased)
Children Two daughters: Kathryn and Kelly
Notable Events Establishment of Hurd Welcome Center

Paula Hurd is a hot topic of discussion on social media platforms because of her relationship with the Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. She is often praised for her elegant and youthful appearance and luxurious lifestyle. If we see her personally then we will amazed to know that researchers are working to find out the reasons for her longevity and anti-aging skin tone.

Paula Hurd is always seen on social platforms because she is famous for several reasons. If we talk about Paula Hurd age then she is 65 years old as of 2024. Isn’t it shocking? Yes, Paula Hurd was born on September 14, 1959.  She is famous because of her successful career, youthful appearance, and beautiful personality.

Paula Hurd Career : 

Paula Hurd started her career in the technology girl industry at a very young age which marked her success and achievements in the field of philanthropist as well. She faced very tough challenges but got new opportunities because of her skills and talents.

She established herself in the field went through a period of rapid growth and innovation and gained a lot of experience and expertise in her professions she is now fully settled for leadership roles because of a significant contribution to her industry. With years of experience as a businesswoman and philanthropist, she can leverage her sources to support various charitable causes as well.

Paula Hurd Latest News : 

Recently her presence at Mukesh Ambani’s son’ pre-wedding ceremony activated the social media. She attended the function with Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft. 

 Secondly, she has donated $7 million to Baylor University for education initiatives. She is an activist and she has done this to showcase her commitment to supporting education and the development of the community. Her philanthropic philosophy emphasizes that we should use personal resources to create meaningful aspects in our surroundings. She showed her generosity in several other acts as well.

Bill Gates’s Girlfriend Paula Hurd : 

Paula Hurd and Bill Gates are dating each other. They have been spotted at various places including the pre-wedding ceremony of Mukesh Ambani’s son, the Australian Open, and the Lever Cup. In July 2023 the images of Pola wearing a ring on her engagement finger give reason to people to speculate that they both are engaged. But later she confirmed that she was not engaged.

Before dating Bill Gates, Paula Hurd was married to Mark Hurd. Mark  Hurd has been the CEO of Oracle for 30 years. But unfortunately, he died in October 2019. Paula Hurd has two daughters from Mark Hurd.  Their names are Kathryn and Kelly.

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Mark and Paula Hurd welcome center : 

In 2018 Paula Hurd and Mark Hurd announced that they would make a center at University Park Drive. This will be done to welcome people of all kinds. After years of work finally, the Hurd welcome center opens. Visitors are allowed to come and stop to look around.

The center consists of a remarkable Hall, where visitors feel a unique and interactive experience.

Interesting facts:

  •       Paula Hurd age is 65 years old but she looks stunning and youthful.
  •       She donated $7 million to Baylor University showcasing her commitment to education and community development.
  •       Dating the former CEO of Microsoft, Paula Hurd’s relationship with Bill Gates garners significant public interest.


What is Paula Hurd’s age?

Paula Hurd is currently 65 years old, born on September 14, 1959. Despite her age, she maintains a youthful appearance, sparking curiosity about her longevity and skincare regimen.

What is Paula Hurd’s career background?

Paula Hurd has had a successful career in the technology industry and is renowned for her philanthropic endeavors. 

Is Paula Hurd currently in a relationship?

Yes, Paula Hurd is dating Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft. Their appearances together at various events and outings have sparked widespread interest and speculation.

How many children does Paula Hurd have?

Paula Hurd has two daughters named Kathryn and Kelly from her previous marriage to Mark Hurd, the former CEO of Oracle.

 What notable recent contributions has Paula Hurd made?

Recently, Paula Hurd made headlines for her $7 million donation to Baylor University for education initiatives. 



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