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Sam Alexis Woods

Sam Alexis Woods was born on June 18th, 2007, and immediately found herself under scrutiny and speculation. Her life as the daughter of legendary American pro golfer Tiger Woods and noted social media personality Elin Nordegren has attracted much interest and speculation since her birth.

Let’s know more about the legendary golfer’s daughter Sam’s journey to explore all its intricate details as well as explore her familial ties.

Sam Alexis Woods Biography

Sam Alexis Woods Biography

Sam Alexis Woods Biography :

She hails from America and is inheriting both her citizenship and legacy of excellence in sports and media interest from her American parents. Sam Alexis Woods age is 17 years and she belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign family with Charlie Axel’s brother. Their combined genetic makeup creates a truly intriguing family tree!

Attribute Details
Celebrity Name Sam Alexis Woods
Popular For Daughter of Celebrity Kid
Profession Celebrity Kid
Age 16 years old
Birth Date June 18, 2007
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Place United States, America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 50kg
Body Measurement 28-25-30
Father Tiger Woods
Mother Elin Nordegren
Siblings Charlie Axel

Prioritizing Education and Privacy:

Sam Alexis stood as a beacon of innocence amid all the media attention she was receiving, thanks to her parents who were determined to protect her privacy while prioritizing her education. Their consistent effort at keeping Sam under wraps gave her an appearance of normalcy while providing her an education that instilled values such as dedication and determination into their child’s character.

Sam Alexis Woods Education

Sam Alexis Woods Education

Sam Alexis Woods may bear the weight of her famous surname, yet she is far more than that. On her journey through adolescence, she is an inspiring example of grace and resilience as she navigates the trials and tribulations associated with being a teenager under public scrutiny with grace and maturity that belies her years. Sam stands as an inspiration to young people struggling to meet expectations associated with fame and success.

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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Story :

The meeting between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren capture the fascinating attention of people around the globe. After meeting via Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik in 2001, their romance blossomed further to result in their wedding ceremony at Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados in October 2004. It symbolized both people coming together in marriage while setting the groundwork for future children to be born from this union.

Tiger Woods and Her Wife’s Divorce Reason :

The Woods-Nordegren family experienced significant difficulty in 2009 when reports surfaced of an alleged romantic liaison between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. A media storm ensued following this news as well as a heavily reported car accident involving Tiger and his family that brought further attention to them – this story revealed both the pitfalls of fame as well as difficulties associated with maintaining privacy from media scrutiny. 

The Relationship between Elin Nordegren and Sam Alexis Woods is of a mother and daughter. But the cheating compelled Elin to take a divorce and Sam Woods did not leave the custody of their privileged father.

Sam’s Relationship with Tiger Woods:

Her relationship with Tiger ensures her place in sports history while her journey continues with resilience and grace. Being born to such legendary parents makes Sam a girl with a lot of potential and opportunities to watch out for as she leaves an irresistible mark on time itself.

Sam Alexis Wood Instagram:

Unlike many child celebrities, Sam is not very active on social media, we have searched on Instagram and couldn’t find Sam Alexis Wood’s Instagram account. However, her father is active on Instagram with the handle @tigerwoods. His account bio is: “Official Instagram account of Tiger Woods. Father, Golfer, Entrepreneur. Posts from TGR Ventures are signed – TGR”

Sam Alexis Woods Networth:

In January 2024, Sam Alexis Woods is at an age and stage where her net worth remains unclear due to her educational pursuits and dedication. However, coming from an influential and wealthy family sets her up well to pursue whatever path lies before her.

Sam Alexis Woods Net Worth

Sam Alexis Woods Net Worth

Some Interesting Facts About Sam Woods:

  • She Loves horse riding with her dad.
  • After her father’s divorce, she chose to be with the dad and is under Tiger Wood’s custody.
  • She is 17 years old and has a great love for golf. However, Sam Alexis Woods golf career has not started yet. But, speculations are that she could become a good golfer.
  • She has a younger brother and loves him a lot
  • Sam Woods was also present at the ceremony of his father’s receiving an award from Donald Trump 


Is Sam Woods Tiger Woods’s daughter?

She is an American famous child celebrity who is widely regarded by the name of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s daughter.

What is the age of Tiger Woods’ son and daughter?

The daughter of his father Sam Alexis is 17 years old as of April 2024. Her birth date was the 18th of June 2007. The son Charlie Axel will be 15 years old by 2024. The birth date was the 8th of February 2009.

What does Tiger Woods’ daughter do?

While she has a mostly personal life in the privacy of her home, she’s put a premium on her education as well as her love of riding horses.

What is the reason Tiger gives his daughter the name Sam?

She was named Sam as a symbol of respect for her famous father, who was known by the alias Sam by his father Earl as a youngster.

Are Tiger Woods’ kids live with his children?

Tiger and Elin share the custody of their two children, Alexis and Charlie, and they live just 25 minutes apart in the south of Florida.

How much is Tiger Woods worth?

The estimated value of about $800 million by 2023. 

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