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Jim Jefferies Wife 

Jim Jefferies is the stage name of the famous comedian and actor Geoff James Nugent. He is an emerging star in Australia and is known for her hilarious comedy acts and her writings that hold dual Australian and American flavors. He holds dual nationalities in Australia and America which makes him a dual nationalist. He is the creator and producer and also an actor in the American FX sitcom Legit (2013–14). The credit goes to him for creating Comedy Central’s late-night show, The Gym Jeffrey’s is also given to him. Jim Jefferies Wife Tasie Lawrence was an English actress. Both Jim Jefferies and Tasie Lawrence were tied in the knot in  September 2020.

This article will provide readers with some interesting facts about this famous stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies. These Facts will make you giggle and excite you equally.

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies

Wikipedia of Jim Jefferies 

He opened his eyes in Sydney Australia on 27 February 1977. He is the son of a teacher who worked as a substitute teacher. His father was a cabinet maker and was very good and his maintenance work. We have researched and found out that his father was from Roma Queensland. I short, he belonged to a very humble family.

Jeffrey grew up in Sydney before moving to Perth to study. Started his education in musical theatre and classical music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts but unfortunately due to some unforeseen reasons he left several months before graduating. 

Attribute Information
Stage Name Jim Jefferies
Real Name Jim Jefferies
Profession(s) Comedian
Birthday February 14, 1977
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 46 years
Gender Male
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian

Jim Jefferies Age and Religion 

Jim Jefferies’s age is 46 as of 2024 and he is an atheist. He believes in autism and states he found it out at the age of 36. 

Jim Jefferies Son & Family

He is not alone in his family and has two older brothers. One is Scott who works as an investment banker and the second is Daniel who works as an inspector in the New South Wales Police Force Public Order and Riot Squad. Jim Jefferies married actress Kate Luyben but their wedding was unsuccessful. 

Jim Jefferies Wife Age

However, Jim Jefferies’s son was born in 2012 to his wife Kate. However, he also married English actress Tasie Lawrence in September 2020. After the divorce, the son’s custody was handed over to Kate. The current Jim Jefferies wife age is 33 years and his first wife is 51 years old.

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Jim Jeffries Career

Jeffrie started his career as a stand-up comedian after dropping out of University and also after living at the Academy of Music and Arts. It was his interest that made him write stand-up comedy and then perform it because he was returning to his native Sydney before relocating to the United Kingdom. So he has chosen the name Jim Jeffrey but amended the last name to “Jefferies”.

Jeffrie’s first achievement was to grab the attention of people in 2007 when he was attacked on stage while performing at the Manchester Comedy Festival. After 2 years he started getting a lot of Fame in the United States in 2009 when he released his Comedy Show debut on HBO special with the name “I Swear to God”.

He has performed at the Eden Box Festival just for a laugh, at the Leads Festival, beyond for Comedy Central, and many other famous shows and sets. 

Year Event/Release
2007 Attacked onstage at Manchester Comedy Festival
2008 Released DVD “Contraband” with incident footage
2009 Gained U.S. recognition with HBO special “I Swear to God”
2016 Released Netflix special “Freedumb”
July 2016 Started “The Unusual Punishment Tour”
January 2018 Filmed “This Is Me Now” at Hammersmith Apollo
Dec 17, 2018 Completed “Night Talker Tour” in Melbourne

Jim Jefferies Net worth

Jim Jefferies has made more than 12 million dollars with his comedy and acting. Jim Jefferies’s wife’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Jim Jefferies Net Worth

Jim Jefferies Net Worth

Some Interesting Facts about Jim Jefferies

  • He has married twice and both times actresses.
  • His new wife Lawrence is 10 years younger than him.
  • The net worth difference between him and his wife is 14 million dollars
  • He holds dual nationality of Australia and America.
  • He has performed in more than three countries.


Who is Jim Jeffries married to?

He married two actresses but divorced his first wife. Now he is married to the famous English actress Tasie Lawrence in September 2020. Their son was born in 2021. 

How old is Jim Jefferies?

Jim Jeffries is 46 years old and is working on his comedy shows to accumulate more wealth and fame.

Who did Jim Jefferies have a child with?

On November 7, 2012, his girlfriend, Kate Luyben gave birth to their first son, Hank Jefferies. However, their relationship was brief and they had to give divorce to each other. 

How much money does Jim Jeffries make?

As of 2024, his net worth is more than 12+ million dollars. He has earned a lot of money due to his global tours, comedy shows, and some of the movies he performed.

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