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marcia harvey

If you are the biggest fan of Steve Harvey who is America’s most popular and recognized television host producer comedian writer and actor. The legendary person has gained a lot of fame because of his multi-talents. Celebrity belongings automatically get fame because of their strong backgrounds. 

If we talk about Marcia Harvey, she is not only famous because of her ex-husband but also because she made her name with her capabilities and talents. So, let’s start to know what makes us popular on all the social media sites and how she gained a lot of highlights and recognition. 

marcia harvey Wikipedia

marcia harvey Wikipedia

Marcia Harvey Wikipedia:

Marcia Harvey was born on January 22 1955 in Ohio. She is the spouse of America’s most popular TV actor producer and multitalented person Steve Harvey. Marcia Harvey’s age is 69 years old as of 2025. She is America’s most popular author, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She belongs to Cleveland Ohio United States of America. She got a lot of media publicity when she married to a famous American actor, producer, and television host Mr Steve Harvey. 

Her husband Mr Harvey is a famous actor however she has not appeared in any movies are television shows. but she has gained he used popularity in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Marcia Harvey is an entrepreneur and holds a good position in her business of clothing. She has a clothing company through which She became a star on social media. 

Attribute Information
Full Name Marcia Harvey
Date of Birth January 22, 1955
Age 65 years
Place of Birth Cleveland, Ohio
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Spouse Larry Green (present), Steve Harvey (1980-1994)
Children Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey Raymond, Broderick Harvey, Jr

How old is Marcia Harvey? 

People often ask how old is Marcia Harvey. So, as we mentioned Marcia Harvey’s age is 69 years old. seahorse American nationality with the Christian religion and has an Aquarius zodiac sign. 

She completed her primary and secondary education in a high school in her hometown. After that, Marcia Harvey enrolled at the reviewed University to complete her bachelor’s. She completed her degree in business management and administration and she completed her early education from local High School State University in Ohio. 

She was born into a decent family in America. native of the USA and if we talk about her parents then she didn’t disclose any information about her personal life and belongings. 

Marcia Harvey husband:

Marcia Harvey is married to Mr. Harvey who is America’s most popular and well-known comedian actor producer and television host. The couple got married in 1980 but due to some personal reasons, they got divorced in the year of 1994. 

marcia harvey Husband

marcia harvey Husband

Mr. Harvey and Marcia Harvey were blessed with three kids named Broderick Harvey Jr. Brandi Harvey, and Karli Harvey. According to some media reports, Marcia Harvey is currently married to Lady Green who is a famous songwriter and musician in America. 

Marcia Harvey Career

Marcia Harvey was born into an American family that was not so rich.  She belongs to a middle-class family and that is why after completing her studies she started to work as a cashier in a department store named Saks Fifth Avenue. She got immense  Fame when she married Mr Harley and her pictures went viral on all the social media platforms when they both got divorced and separated from each other. After the separation from Mr. Harvey, he started her career in the fashion and beauty industry.  You also work as a relationship counselor and public speaker. 

Marcia Harvey Net Worth:

Marcia Harvey is an author, businesswoman, and public speaker. She has gained a lot of recognition due to her relationship with Mr. Harvey. According to some media reports, Marcia Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

marcia harvey Networth

marcia harvey Networth

Some Interesting Facts about Marcia Harvey

  • Steve Harve owed more than US$36K but still didn’t pay anything to her after the divorce.
  • Steve Harvey left Marcia and his three children to pursue a comedy career.
  • Marcia Harvey also became an author, later in her life with the publication of her first poetry book ‘Marcia: Eyes to the Soul’
  • She was born in an African-American family and they were not very rich. She started working at a department store named ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’. 
  • They got married in 1980 before the time when Steve found fame but sadly their union ended in 1994. 


Who is Marcia Harvey?

She is the ex-wife of Steve Harvey whom Harvey left to pursue a comedy career. She became famous when she sued Harvey for the nonpayment of money after separation.

How many kids does Marcia Harvey Have?

Marcia has 3 kids and all are under the supervision of Marcia Harvey. The name of the kids of Marcia are Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey Raymond, Broderick Harvey, Jr

What is the name of the books written by Marcia Harvey?

She wrote and released her first book in 2011, which is an account of her marriage with Steve, and the life following their divorce. The names of Marcia Harvey’s books are MARCIA: Eyes To The Soul, Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind, and Marcia: Poems from The Heart. 

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